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lafeitony (site web) Le 27/12/2012
The 1970-1971 season, the cavaliers in the NBA is obscure, and of course in this year they famous 1970 - November 3rd knight away 76 ers, the result to a 87-141 were the slaughter, 76 people let knights shame to keep record for 40 years.
On December 3rd, 1992, was already on the offensive end talent show the Sacramento Kings (weber to the team last season), to a 139-81 crazy wins Dallas 58 points, to create this season biggest points difference record at the same time created the Kings history the biggest crazy victory points poor record.
On December 16, 985, Milwaukee bucks to a 140-82 crazy slaughter Sacramento king, the record for the team itself more meaningful, 58 points after the victory was the team's kareem abdul-jabbar created before 59 points crazy victory record.
In the 1973 western conference finals, the Los Angeles lakers to a 126-70 victory over golden state crazy 56 minutes, 56 points points difference in the playoffs is almost unimaginable, of course, this is also the Los Angeles lakers playoff history to win the most points record.
Oklahoma city thunder staged the bloodiest this season a slaughter performance, they are half 64-24 leading bobcats 40 points, the hit a wave of 75-19 crazy attack wave, just to set the bobcats completely destroy. But in NBA history, this is not the most "inhuman" victory, in the historical single-game slaughter charts, the result even 20 cannot enter.
The cavaliers seemingly in duration on the most miserable rankings is "good grades", on January 12, 2011, the Los Angeles lakers face at that time has lost James knight team, under the pain killer. 55 points points difference is the lakers during the regular season in the history of the single field win points of the third record high. In addition, the lakers have created the defensive records, only let knights get 57 points refresh the team history limit scoring record. Before this is on March 12, 2002 against the hornets game, when the lakers let the charlotte hornets got 66 points.
Between two giants such bloody massacre really don't see too much. Of course when the pistons isn't strong teams, the lakers are prestigious giants. The Los Angeles lakers to a 144-88 bloodbath piston, this also is the lakers since 1960 move to Los Angeles won one game score the highest record.
And Detroit pistons, now a little understand why pistons ended up with the defense is famous for, because before they do so tragic. It is also about Christmas Eve a massacre, Milwaukee bucks 143-84 home crazy - the Detroit pistons 59 points, thus creating the bucks history single field won the highest score record, kareem abdul-jabbar was also on the team, this is probably the most "bloody" Christmas.

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